Cape to Carthage: An African AI Journey

In the world of AI, Africa has a reputation for being a missing continent. Follow an underdog team of African researchers as they compete with tech giants and top universities for a spot at the top international AI research conference in a bid to change history.

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WHERE IN THE WORLD does AI research come from?

Follow South African and Tunisian researchers as they chart a course from the inception of an idea to competing for a spot at one of the world’s top international AI conferences in a bid to change history. From the real-life Tatooine, to Africa’s largest AI hackathon, this touching story of cross-continental collaboration offers a backstage tour of Africa’s AI scene. Watch the trailer below:

“Cape to Carthage” was an Official Selection at the AI International Film Festival 2023 in Park City, Utah, the Madison Film Festival 2023, and the Accra India Film Fest 2023 in Ghana.

“A celebration of the determination, innovation and vision of AI in Africa.”


“A technological poem”

Houda Ghozzi

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